Gone fishin'

Okay, so in about 5 hours I'll be leaving for France.

I still have most of my packing to do, in fact I need to pick up a few things now, so I'm heading out now.

I might post again once I make it to UAE-land, but most likely I will not post again until I'm in Franceland.

Feed the cat while I'm gone.

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The joee_girl episode of the 5 question meme.

1. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
I will probably be a high(er) level bureaucrat of some description: more pay, less work – what isn't there to like? I might even be a bureaucrat with a law degree.

I will also be more misanthropic as the questions as to why I haven't married and reproduced become more tiring. Hopefully in 5 years I will have changed enough for this to be not true, but at this stage, I can't see it happening.

2. Why am I still being called George?
You aren't still being called George. I only asked you to rank them in amongst all the nicknames you get called now in the hopes that this will revive George as a nickname for you.

3. You have the power to read people's minds. Who is first on your list?
Right now, it would be the Pope. I want to see how faithful those guys are inside their head. In a similar vein, I would love to read the Dalai Lama's mind when he sits down to determine his next incarnation. I'm sure the answers would be interesting in a world where I can read minds.

4. Would you rather be an axe murderer or shoot people with a harpoon?
Axe murderer. Being a murder implies that I have successfully killed people, whereas with “harpoon shooter” there is ambiguity in relation to possible survivors. Perhaps related to this, I have a fear that people are much more likely to survive a harpooning as there is a chance a great deal of force is lost once the harpoon punches through a target. With an axe you get a lots of blunt trauma in there too. Not that I would know or anything...

5. There is a chocolate cake and a lemon meringue pie. You may only have one slice. Which one do you choose?
The lemon meringue pie because your single-slice limitation. With chocolate cake I always want more, whereas eating an entire lemon meringue pie isn't as rewarding.

Adventurisation, part 1

So I'm thinking of going to the Freeplay Independent Games Festival Melbourne ( which is on at the State Library this Friday and Saturday (14-15). Cost is $20 for the two days, plus $3.40 booking fee. I don't know which events I'm going to, but I'm sure I'd be flitting about for some parts and sitting down and listening to talks during others.

If you'd like to join me in some sort of organised manner, leave a comment here.

Otherwise SMS me if you are going and want to meet up in a more ad hoc manner.

Dunno how many people I know still read this thing, so I might cross post to Twitter and/or Facebook.

Ticket sales close on the Thursday afternoon, so I'm probably going to get mine tomorrow night.

New Icon

So it has been a while since I updated this thing. Nothing much to report, so I thought I might showcase a new icon I made.

Oh, I also seem to have a job offer from the Australian Public Service.

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Direct Hit (Action card)
The card should have the following text added: “Play: Immediately after the ship has been damaged in a Space Battle in which you participate.”
Didn't come up in the game we played, but the requirement for Space Battles means that PDS fire can't trigger a Direct Hit. Confusingly, "pre-combat" effects that occur after the PDS step DO trigger the card's Play condition due to the clarification on what constitutes combat (see FAQ below).
PDS costs (Race Sheets)
The accurate cost of acquiring a PDS unit is 2 (as written in the rules, but incorrectly stated on the player sheets).
Xxcha ability (Race Sheets)
The correct wording of the first Xxcha Kingdom special ability is: “When executing the Secondary Ability of the Diplomacy Strategy, you may execute the Primary Ability instead.”
"Instead" effect rather than the "as well" effect I think is printed on the card. I think it makes a bad race worse, but whatever.
The 4-Player Game (Rulebook Erratum)
The Action Cards Strategic Flexibility and Strategic Shift should be removed before starting a 4-player game.
No idea what they do, didn't come up in the game.
Combat (Rulebook Erratum)
The term “combat roll” is inclusive. It covers any instance in which you roll a die and compare the result to a unit’s combat value to determine whether or not an enemy casualty has been inflicted. This includes PDS fire and all pre-combat abilities that are compared to a unit’s combat value.
• The Sardakk N’Orr special ability text should read: “You receive +1 on your combat rolls.”
• The Jol-Nar special ability text should read: “You receive -1 on your combat rolls.…”
Effects that add to or modify results during “Space Combat” should be interpreted as during “Space Battles.” Effects that take place during “Space Battles” or “Invasion Combat” specifically make reference only to variables within the Space Battle Sequence and the Invasion Combat Sequence. Thus, if an ability grants you +1 to your dice during Space battles, this bonus is only applied during step 2 of the Space Battles Sequence (“roll combat dice”), and does not affect any other rolls, including pre-combat effects, PDS, bombardment, etc.
Less confusing than the length of errata text would imply.

Q: When playing “Minelayers” when exactly are the hits taken (in relation to other pre-combat abilities and cards), and are the hits taken as casualties immediately?
A: The hits are accumulated as soon as the Action Card is played, i.e., immediately after the movement of the enemy fleet. The hits are taken as casualties during the first “remove casualties” step of the following Space Battle. These hits are not incurred by the moving fleet if, for some reason, no Space Battle takes place after the movement (due to the playing of Action Cards, or other circumstances).
Means if Naalu cruisers lay mines, then decide to use their free retreat, the hits generated by the card never take place. In the game, we played, I think this means that lucnatic's Warsun would have had one round of shooting before being killed by a Direct Hit. Either way, the pro-strat against mines is to put them all on fighters, since they still get to attack once.
Q: If a Dreadnought is damaged by a pre-combat ability, can it be destroyed by a Direct Hit card?
A: Yes, because pre-combat abilities happen during the Space Battle step of an activation. Ships that are damaged by PDS fire (or by space mines in SHATTERED EMPIRE) may not be targeted by “Direct Hit,” since PDS fire does not occur in the Space Battle step.
Further confuses when lucnatic's ships should have been removed. I think the correct procedure is that the mines hit (I'm assuming they read "Play: Immediately before combat" or somesuch), hits are assigned, first round of combat, damage applied, then the Direct Hits kill the units. Doesn't change the game much, all those units would have died, the only difference being that the defenders would have been weakened a little.

General play error
- Exhausted planets do not provide their technology speciality discount when purchasing technologies.
- A Space Dock is actually a planetary/ground unit. When enemies control a system, the dock cannot build, but isn't destroyed until the planet is taken, just like PDS.

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Three HD and one D. Should have been all HD if I weren't so bad at writing about chifley.

PS: RMIT tells me it is too late to enrol in courses for Semester 1. Damn.

Free stuff!

Okay, for those that actually want do more of the legal PDF download thing, White WOlf, through is allowing you to 'purchase' PDF copies of Scion: Hero and the current edition of the World of Darkness rulebook. From past experience, if you download during the free period, it actually registers as a $0 sale. Sales normally mean that you'll be able to re-download later, I'm not so if this is true for $0 sales as well. If you don't want to give them CC details, just select PayPal as your payment method.

EDIT: In the case of WoD, you get 5 downloads and for Scion you get 10.