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Beware of altruism.

It is based on self-deception, the root of all evil.

Some guy called Lap?
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aiming to misbehave, anti-non-vo-bul, bashing norton anti-virus, being an internet detective, being friends with jc, being silly, being tricked by insomnius, claiming -bvcxc first, escalating interest warfare, exalted, exotic presents, extending mozilla firefox, fighting spam, folding@home, forms of fake identification, four word phrases, free good stuff, good free stuff, hating windows me, having a fan club, having fairly niche interests, having kegs of glort, http://folding.stanford.edu/, keyboard cleaning status: -bvcxc, koalas in webcomics, livejournal shenanigans, me-tooing, mum-ing, nam loong adventures, participating in auto-cannibalistic vampirism, picking short interests, picking unique interests, pilfering www.dookyweb.com/avatars.swf icons, pitchfork based negotiations, pre-emptive interest pilfering, quixotic quests, rebecca borgstrom, receiving epithets, sham marriages, shameless fanboyism, sharing non-unique interests, spelling my name aloud, stabbing eyes with chopsticks, the adventures of chifley, the last fifteen seconds, threefold repetition, tick-boxes in lj-polls, token achievements, ungeneralism, unhealthy appreciation of slj, using emailcash.com.au, wasting time on rpg.net, waxing lyrical, what if scenarios, wife collecting, winning the internet, worthless accolades